Together with the program committee and the Principal Investigators of DCVA consortia, we have put together a varied program for the 5th DCVA Translational Cardiovascular Research Meeting ‘Together we beat as one’.

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Thursday, June 24  

09.30 – 18.30 hrs CEST


Plenary opening
Prof. dr. Pieter Doevendans (member of the board of the Netherlands Heart Institute)

Dutch CardioVascular Alliance
Prof. dr. D.J. Duncker (DCVA)

Lecture ‘Biomarkers in cardiovascular disease: what is the next step?’
Prof. dr. Naveed Sattar (University of Glasgow)
10.30 Short Break
10.45Fellowship 2021:

Candidates will present their application to work for up to one year in an international top quality academic centre anywhere in the world to gather skills or knowledge that can be applied in a Dutch academic centre.

1. Pranav Bhagirath (Amsterdam)
2. Jiayi Pei (Utrecht)
3. Irene van Blokland (Groningen)
4. Rachel van der Velden (Maastricht)
11.45Public Private Partnerships in Health & Care
Carmen van Vilsteren, Health~Holland
11.45Non-dilutive funding for (clinical) research and innovations
Nawal Bahia El Idrissi, Catalyze
12.00Lunch Break and online Posters: during the lunch you are invited to take a look at the posters which are presented on our website.
13.00Workshop organized by Young@Heart:

Personal media strategy – a quick guide into the world of social and traditional media

More information can be found here.
13.00SessionHeart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF)”

Chairs: Rudolf de Boer (Groningen) & Stephane Heymans (Maastricht)
1. New algorithms for HFpEF diagnostics
Vanessa van Empel (Maastricht)
2. The new HFpEF scores: what’s the pathophysiology behind it?
Carsten Tschöpe (Berlin, Germany) 
3. HFpEF: current phase I and II trials
Louis Handoko (Amsterdam)
4. Large animal models of HFpEF
Daphne Merkus (Rotterdam and Munich, Germany)
5.  Deltaplan Hartfalen
Steven Chamuleau (Amsterdam)
13.00SessionNew models: in-vivo, in-vitro, in-silico, on-the-chip: Vesicles

Chairs: Leon Schurgers (Maastricht) & Andries van der Meer (Twente)

1. Small animal model for stroke
Rick Dijkhuizen (Utrecht)
2. Large animal model for stroke 
Heleen van Beusekom (Rotterdam) 
3. Plaque-on-a-chip: a model to understand plaque ruptur
Kim van der Heiden (Rotterdam) 
4. Novel in vitro organ on a chip and 2D assays to test impact human plasma-derived circulating factors on EC function
Vincent van Duinen (Leiden) 
5. Diabetic nephropathy alters the distribution of circulating angiogenic microRNAs among extracellular vesicles, HDL, and Ago-2                 
Roel Bijkerk (Leiden)                                                
6. Studying the right heart myocardium in pulmonary hypertension using 3D engineered heart tissue
Aida Llucià Valldeperas (Amsterdam and Leiden)
13.00Session “DNA biomarkers for disease risk prediction

Chairs: Jessica van Setten (Utrecht) & Arthur Wilde (Amsterdam)

1. Polygenic risk scores in complex cardiovascular disorders
Steve Lubitz (Boston, US)
2. Opposing common variant contributions to HCM and DCM
Rafik Tadros (Montreal, Canada)
3. Different genetic architectures of inherited cardiac arrhythmias
Connie Bezzina (Amsterdam)
4. SCN5A founder mutations in Limburg
Monika Stoll (Maastricht)
5. Rare variants as a cause of atrial fibrillation
Peter van Tintelen (Utrecht)                          
6. Detection of two new DNA/chromatin regions increasing DCM risk
Sophie Garnier (Paris, France)    
13.00Session COVID-19

Chairs: Roland van Kimmenade (Nijmegen) & Marie-José Goumans (Leiden)
1. Contribution of inflammatory mechanisms of cardiovascular disease to COVID-19 comorbidity
Tomasz Guzik (Glasgow, UK)
2. COVID- The endothelium on the rack
Jurjan Aman (Amsterdam) 
3. The role of cardiovascular disease in the COVID-19 pandemic – most important insights obtained from the CAPACITY-COVID registry
Marijke Linschoten (Utrecht) 
4. COVID-19 associated mechanisms of hypercoagulability
Magdi Nagy (Maastricht) 
5. SARS-CoV-2 and myocardial involvement in the elite athlete’s heart: Olympic showstopper or food for thought?
Harald Jørstad (Amsterdam) 
6. Modeling and attacking sars-cov2-induced cardiovascular disease with organs on chip
Robert Passier (Twente) 
13.00SessionEarly recognition and early intervention: AF and comorbidities

Chairs: Michiel Rienstra (Groningen) & Natasja de Groot (Rotterdam) 
1. Ex vivo heart perfusion: a platform for patient-tailored therapy of heart failure and atrial fibrillation
Yannick Taverne (Rotterdam)
2. Atrial fibrillation: The electrical fingerprint
Mathijs van Schie (Rotterdam)
3. Atrial fibrillation: The molecular fingerprint
Kennedy Ramos (Amsterdam)
4. The role of circulating non-coding RNAs in vascular homeostasis and disease
Anton Jan van Zonneveld (Leiden)
5. When is the optimal moment to cardiovert AF?
Nikki Pluymakers (Maastricht)
6. Population models of AF, a new tool to study effects of comorbidities and responsiveness to therapy
Jordi Heijman (Maastricht)
14.30Short Break
15.00Einthoven Prizes
3 Candidates will present their thesis:
1. Potential detrimental effects of exercise on the heart
Vincent Aengevaeren (Nijmegen)
2. Diagnostic evaluation of chest pain: The role of non-invasive cardiac imaging
Martijn Smulders (Maastricht)
3. Dissecting genetic risk in common and rare inherited disorders
Najim Lahrouchi (Amsterdam)
15.45Workshop organized by Young@Heart:

Networking – how to find, approach, and connect with project partners, mentors, and future employers

More information can be found here.
15.45SessionEarly recognition and early intervention: Modern strategies

Chairs: Joline Beulens (Amsterdam) & Jaap Kappelle (Utrecht)
1. Prehospital stroke triage with devices or decision tools: Bob Roozenbeek (Rotterdam)
2. Speeding up time to endovasculair stroke intervention: Results MR CLEAN NoIV trial. Bart Emmer (Amsterdam)
3. The importance of physical examination: Frans Rutten (Utrecht)
4. Cardiac biomarkers in primary care: Rudolf de Boer (Groningen)
5. Early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases in primary care: Amy Groenewegen (Utrecht) and Victor Zwartkruis (Groningen)
15.45Session “Diagnostic tools and valorization

Chairs: Michiel Rienstra (Groningen) & Jordi Heijman (Maastricht)
1. Tricks and tips in valorisation of AI solutions
Henk Marquering (Amsterdam)
2. Deep learning for image biomarker extraction / prediction of outcome 
Theo van Walsum (Rotterdam)
3. Heart sounds: new wine in new bags for continuous disease monitoring
Frits Prinzen (Maastricht)      
4. ECG for characterization of the AF substrate      
Stef Zeemering (Maastricht)    
5. Social distancing in AF management: TeleCheck AF
Dominik Linz (Maastricht)
6. Towards classification of AF with implatable devices: data from RACE V
Bao-Oanh Nguyen (Groningen)
15.45SessionNew Models: in-vivo, in-vitro, in-silico, on-the-chip: Heart

Chairs: Miranda Nabben (Maastricht) & Daan Westenbrink (Groningen)

1. Models to study allelic imbalance in cardiomyopathies on a single cell level
Judith Montag (Hannover, Germany)
2. Modeling genetic heart disease in mouse models
Nienke Stege (Groningen)
3. High-throughput studies in iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes
Rafeeh Soleimanidinani (Amsterdam)
4. Zebrafish to model pediatric cardiomyopathy
Judith Verhagen (Rotterdam)
5. Naturally occurring canine and feline cardiomyopathy models
Frank van Steenbeek (Utrecht)
6. Engineered heart tissue modeling
Edgar Nollet (Amsterdam)

Session “Sex-differences in cardiovascular disease

Chairs: Vanessa van Empel (Maastricht) & Emma Louise Robinson (University of Colorado USA)

1. Sex differences in atherosclerosis: what’s behind?
Hester den Ruijter (Utrecht)
2. Age- and sex-specific differences in atherosclerotic plaque composition
Marie de Bakker (Rotterdam)
3. Sex-differences in atrial fibrillation mechanisms
Ulrich Schotten (Maastricht) 
4. Migraine in Women: from Headache to Heartache
Antoinette Maassen van den Brink (Rotterdam) 
5. Sex differences in right heart adaptation to pulmonary hypertension
Frances de Man (Amsterdam)
6. Sex differences in lipid metabolism
Jeanine Roeters van Lennep (Rotterdam)
15.45Session “Omics in atherosclerosis”

Chairs: Johan Kuiper (Leiden) & Sander van der Laan (Utrecht)
1. The paradox of IL1b, perivascular cell inflammation, and atherosclerosis
Gary Owens (Virginia, US)
2. Single-cell analysis of T cells in the human atherosclerotic lesions
Marie Depuydt (Leiden)
3. Transcriptomic based clustering of advanced atherosclerotic plaques: revisiting the lesion determinants that identify the vulnerable patient
Michal Mokry (Utrecht)
4. Single-cell work on macrophages in human atherosclerosis
Koen Prange (Amsterdam)
5. GWAS to single cell: Atherosclerotic disease susceptibility loci through the lens of single cells of advanced human atherosclerotic plaques
Lotte Slenders (Utrecht)
6. Macrophage repressive histone modifications in atherosclerosis
Annette Neele (Amsterdam)
17.15Short Break
17.30Lecture of Dr. Sean Wu (Stanford Cardiovascular Institute and Stanford University School of Medicine): “Dissecting the Complex Interplay Between Proliferation and Contractile Force Generation in Single Cardiomyocytes.”
18.15Awarding Fellowships and Einthoven Prizes
Plenary Closing by Prof. dr. Wouter Jukema (member of the board of the Netherlands Heart Institute)
Young@Heart social event

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