During the 5th DCVA Translational Cardiovascular Research Meeting we give young researchers the possibility to follow workshops:

Personal media strategy – a quick guide into the world of social and traditional media:

This workshop offers a brief introduction in the world of the media. Both social media such as Twitter and LinkedIn as well as traditional media such as radio, television and written press are covered. You will learn how to match media with your target audiences, goals, and talents. During some practical exercises you will train the skills you need when sharing your research with people outside academia.

Networking – how to find, approach, and connect with project partners, mentors, and future employers:

This workshop explores the different stages of networking in academia. You practice your pitching skills by composing a brief message aimed at a person who could help you to reach the next level in your career. In the second part of the workshop, you try out the networking tips and tricks on a panel of senior researchers, who also share their experiences with you. The panel members will offer feedback on the messages composed by the participants. Actually, during the workshop some real connections might be made.

If you want to participate, you can indicate this when registering. Registration and attendance is free of charge, but the number of participants is limited. Please be aware that not attending after registering will exclude other interested participants. If you are unable to attend, we kindly ask you to unsubscribe via

Call for Fellowship 2021

The Fellowships give promising young researchers from the Netherlands the opportunity to work for up to one year in an international top quality academic centre anywhere in the world to gather skills or knowledge that can be applied in a Dutch academic centre. Young talents can apply for up to €45000 to work abroad for up to 1 year. Up to 3 candidates will be invited to present their application during the 5th DCVA Translational Cardiovascular Research Meeting.

You can send your application to no later than 7 May 2021. The details can be found here.

Einthoven Prizes

The jury has selected three candidates who will present their PhD thesis during the 5th DCVA Translational Cardiovascular Research Meeting, to compete for the Einthoven Prizes:

  • Vincent Aengevaeren (RadboudUMC): Potential Detrimental Effects of Exercise on the Heart.
  • Martijn Smulders (MUMC): Diagnostic Evaluation of Chest Pain: The role of non-invasive cardiac imaging.
  • Najim Lahrouchi (AMC): Dissecting genetic risk in common and rare inherited disorders.

It will be possible for the public to vote, during this session. Who will go home with the title ‘Best Thesis 2020’?

Two excellent Keynote Speakers confirmed

We are proud to announce two excellent Keynote Speakers for the 5th DCVA Translational Cardiovascular Research Meeting:
Prof. Naveed Sattar (University of Glasgow) will give his lecture during the opening and dr. Sean Wu (Stanford Cardiovascular Institute and Stanford University School of Medicine) will close our program.